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Full Version: [Updated With Extra Options][Plugin for Mybb 1.4*] Guests and lurkers restriction!
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Let us hope so as that was the whole idea.
I need this, all I have is guests and lurkers on my forum.
Hope it helps to increaes the registration and the activity at your forum.
I want to install this plug-in in my forum but I want to know from them who is using the plug-in, is this plug-in helping to grow the activity level and registrations in your forum?
this is super mod thank you babjusi
This is the best plugin I seen Tongue I going to install this Big Grin
Thank you! I've been looking for this
(01-23-2010 03:22 PM)dtommy79 Wrote: [ -> ]Thank you! I've been looking for this

You are welcome.
Okay I downloaded it, I will play and install later. Just gathering the mods/plugins I want for now..
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