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Full Version: Dark Clock BBCode
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Name: Dark Clock BBCode
Author: ghazal
Description: With the Dark Clock BBCode you can embed a dark clock in your post.
Author is Responsible For Any Damage: NO
Author Provide Support For This Product: YES
Copyrighted: All codes within the product is strongly copyrighted.



I can be reached at with username ghazal
I guess that's it... Enjoy
Thank You
lol thats a cool mycode! Big Grin
(10-06-2009 08:22 PM)Buttons Wrote: [ -> ]lol thats a cool mycode! Big Grin

Yours welcome Wink
Goood Ghazal Heart

Please Inset Shot Smile
(10-07-2009 11:33 AM)Anderanik Wrote: [ -> ]Goood Ghazal Heart

Yours welcome Wink
thanks man...nice mycode.
any screenshots or demos?
whats a dark clock?
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