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Full Version: [Release 1.4.x] PM Popup 1.0
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Name: PM Popup
Author: ghazal
Description: PopUps a window when there is a unread PM.
Version: 1.0
Compatibility: 1.4.x,1.6.x,1.8.x,2.0.x
Files To Upload: One
Files To Edits: None
Author is Responsible For Any Damage: NO
Author Provide Support For This Product: YES
License: Inside the License Folder
Copyrighted: All codes within the product are strongly copyrighted to Regentronique.



Last release (Nov 13, 2009):[attachment=465]


You can reach our support forum at: Plugins Support
The administrator can be reached here: exdiogene

I hope that you will appreciate this plugin.
Thank You
keep making plugin sis! way to go.. thanks
(09-03-2009 03:35 AM)AndrewPH Wrote: [ -> ]keep making plugin sis! way to go.. thanks

haha, its my 87th plugin, Tongue

I hope that I will complete the century till the end of this week Smile
inshallah u will Big Grin
(09-03-2009 03:56 AM)Haider28 Wrote: [ -> ]inshallah u will Big Grin

Thanks alot Smile
Looks nice Smile
Thanks Foxxravin Smile
Nice and keep it up, i'm glad that you do things for us!
ahaay.. will download it.. will be back again..
(09-27-2009 03:18 AM)habs Wrote: [ -> ]ahaay.. will download it.. will be back again..

Your's welcome
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