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Full Version: [Release 1.4.x] My Juke Box 1.0
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Name: My Juke Box
Author: ghazal
Description: This is a Drop Down Juke Box that will allow you to play sound files and play it from a drop down list.
Version: 1.0
Compatibility: 1.4.x,1.6.x,1.8.x,2.0.x
Files To Upload: Three
Files To Edits: None
Author is Responsible For Any Damage: NO
Author Provide Support For This Product: YES
License: Inside the License Folder
Copyrighted: All codes within the product is strongly copyrighted.

[attachment=353] <--- ACP Group
[attachment=354] <--- ACP Settings


If you are subscriber, then Go to the download button.
[Image: download.jpg]


I can be reached at with username ghazal

I guess that's it... Enjoy
Thank You
I would download this but I would be afraid to have copyright songs on my sever or does this just play frim a link somewhere?
thanks mate
w0w.. Great.. Thanks Smile
If only I had a premium account -.-
thanks man Smile
This one works but it opens up a new page where the song plays.. it would be fun if it was somewhere on the index page allowing us to browse the forums while it plays
hrm.. needs more songs. Smile
The problem leaving the jukebox on the same page, would be that the song will be interupted each time you browse other pages on the forum...

This is why it is on a new page! Wink
yes it makes sense Smile

I tried editing the my_juke_box.php file to add more songs, 3 isn't enough.. I need at least 10-12 but failed.
If you ever get bored and have nothing to do, you know what I need
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