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Full Version: One Year MyBB Codes Subscription - A FREE OFFER
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Hello MyBB user. Smile

We are glad to announce that MyBB codes is growing a really fast pace (Thanks for Almighty Allah), and to give it more functionality, we are constantly changing and arranging the site.

Today, we make some forums HERE . The names and descriptions of those respective forums describe them all. We are wishing to give a Full One Year subscription to forum. For this , you have to do a simple online task, i.e., to post 70 Quality Posts in the Webmaster Resort forums.


1. The posts should comprise with the related topics on the specific forums.
2. You should post 40 Threads and 30 Posts in all across the Webmaster's Resort Forum. (Please note that all other posts across the forum is excluded from this demand).
3. Your posts should not contain any Illegal content, abuse materials spamming, scaming, phishing etc. For more details of posting rules, CLICK HERE .

For those subscribers that paid 5 $ USD for subscription, If they participate the offer, They will be upgrade to Five Year Subscription Group.


We hope that you will participate in this offer and will get a Full One Year Free Subscription to these forums. In addition to this, we will also participate along with you in this offer and will posts replies and feedbacks accordingly.

After completion of the successful job, Kindly PM exdiogene to get the Free Reward. For upgrade process, we will do this manually.


MyBBCodes Admin Staff reserves the right to cancel, reject OR approve any application regarding this offer.

Thank You
Nice offer, I will take a part Wink
(10-12-2009 11:22 AM)ganag Wrote: [ -> ]Nice offer, I will take a part Wink

Yours welcome Smile
Hi ghazal new here...Joined to get this subscription for free...Count me in..I will complete this offer..Thanks for starting this contest...
(10-26-2009 11:51 AM)ahmar2 Wrote: [ -> ]Hi ghazal new here...Joined to get this subscription for free...Count me in..I will complete this offer..Thanks for starting this contest...

No Problem Smile
Thank you for your participation
I am closing this contest, If the new admin (exdiogene) wants to get started, he may open it again.

Hello everyone,

i am exdiogene, the new owner of and i would like to welcome you on these forums.

I strongly believe that the contest should be reopen, because it would be unfair for the people having already posted for it.

The contest will run until january 1st, 2010 leaving enough time to see few winners! Wink

Good luck!
I surely will do. I need that Goear plugin Tongue
You are welcome to participate to this contest Tm0!

Just follow the rules and if you accomplish your goal before next year, you will be granted a free subscription.

Thank you in advance for your contributions... Wink
wow is could I need free suscription SmileSmile
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