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Full Version: ClamWin Free Antivirus
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Name of Software: ClamWin Free Antivirus

Name of the Author:alch, sherpya
Name of Website:
Free OR Share-Ware:freeware
Screenshots: [Image: dbimage.php?id=26945]
A Brief Description: Free Antivirus for Windows. Includes virus scanner, scheduler, virus database updates, context menu integration to MS Windows Explorer and Addin to MS Outlook. Also features easy setup program. Uses a well respected ClamAV scanning engine.

Downloading Link:
[Image: download.jpg]
checking it out
I will chech it out right now , i really need an antivirus
ClamAV does not have real time protection
checking it out
very nice...thank you
[url=http://]You can help improve ClamWin Free Antivirus by:

* Submitting undetected virus samples.
* Testing the latest release, find and submit bugs and feature requests.
* Improving the documentation.
* Promoting ClamWin Free Antivirus on the Internet and in the press.
* Linking to on your web site to let other people know about it and improve.
These anti virus is really nice to protect from the virus. It can be improving the documentation, testing the latest release, find and submit bugs and feature requests, submitting undetected virus samples and many more things are protected with these virus.
I prefer Avast, is very simple and beautifull Big Grin
Why would you use this second rate antivirus? Scanning an individual file is soooo slooooow! Avast Free has an option during install called "custom installation" in that you can unselect all "shields" and then install it. Now you have a world class on demand antivirus that scans quickly..
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