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[Basic](Quick Tip(s)) # 1 and 2 - Hero - 09-01-2009 08:35 PM

Hello all you MyBB lovers!

I have decided to start a chain of basic, on the go, lessons, just to get a little bit more knowledge into your brain! If you want to add something please do, as we want this guide to support as many as it can!

Well, let's get started!


You may think, "Psh, what? Anyone can import a theme."

Well, yes, but people need to know how to do it correctly.

Follow these basic steps when importing a theme, and you won't have any problems!

1) Get the theme.

2) Get WINRAR available Here

3) After you have the theme, unzip the directory.

4) You will see a new folder. Double click the folder.

5) There should be another folder, and the XML file for the importing.

6) Double click the next folder. There next should either be a set of images or another folder with the Theme Name on it.

7) If it's the set of images, backtrack (push the back button) and right click the folder. Click "Add to archive", change the transformation to "ZIP" not "RAR"...."ZIP!"

8) If there's another folder with the Theme Name, then refer to the bolded words in step 7.

9) Go to your file manager

10) Click "Upload" and type in the directory "(your root)/images" (of course without the quotation marks) or whatever your images directory is called.

11) Upload the archived folder

12) Go to your Admin Control Panel, and click "Templates and Styles"

12) Click "Import a Theme"

13) Browse through your computer and pluck the XML file from the theme folder.

14) Click "Ignore Version Compatibility"

15) Click "Submit"

16) If you want to change it to the default theme, click the green arrow upon backtracking.




This is part two of the chain of basic, on the go, lessons. In fact, it's not even a lesson. It's just a quick tip.

Uploading can be too much of a hassle if this shortcut is not used. Here is how it goes down.

The Quick Tip:

When you upload multiple files, such as two inc/languages/English files, one inc/plugins/ file, and two inc/languages/English/Admin files, it can be hassle if you do it one file at a time.

A better way is to archive the inc folder in this case to a "ZIP", and then just upload it to root/
simple eh? This can work for every type of folder, and it'll even make the folder for you if it doesn't exist. Just make sure you upload the ZIP to root/ (My root for example, in Vista Panel) is htdocs. So I would upload my ZIP to /htdocs/ For cPanel users, just click the 'upload' button when you reach public_html

A word of advice: If you rename a directory, and you're uploading files for that directory, please make sure the folder inside the archive's name is the same as the one you're uploading to.



Cheers, Hero.

RE: [Basic](Quick Tip(s)) # 1 and 2 - ghazal - 09-01-2009 09:10 PM

Nice tutorial... Smile

Thankyou for sharing


RE: [Basic](Quick Tip(s)) # 1 and 2 - 16minuteslate - 05-22-2017 11:03 AM

Nice thank you