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Full Version: Anyone like gaming?
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Hey Guys,

I'm the developer of Hallows Edge, a Live Action game of Steampunk Zombie Combat!

250 years after a zombie invasion, the nation of Rica is coming out of their underground bunkers to wage mighty steampunk vengeance.

We beat each other up with foam-padded PVC Pipe. Enjoy!
It looks interesting.
Nice design on the site. Wink
Interesting. Smile
Oh that's a awesome site look up. I really impress with your work. Very nice to done your site design, I like most logo and layout on this site, Font is also nice use on it.
I love the design and graphics.
I love gaming. I play Halo & GTA 4 on the 360.
(07-29-2010 01:15 AM)Miraj Wrote: [ -> ]I love the design and graphics.

This is for gaming -____-
Your site is pretty cool Smile
sounds interesting game. lets try it.
Sounds like fun.
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