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Full Version: Anyone like warez?
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Well, the title is basically the question.
As far as I'm concerned you are from usa, for minimum salary in US you can buy approx 20 new games, I live in a country, where for minimum wage you can only buy 4 original new games so this is not eating for 1 week or buy a game... please consider that, while you are advertising warez sites or downloading something from sites like this, because you are not downloading because you dont have the money, but because you are to lazy to buy it. Would you for example write a cool plugin for MyBB and give it for free to everyone? I dont think so...
are torrents including warez?
Never heard of it lol
I think warez sites are completely legitimate - it's the content that gives it a bad image.
never heard of this :\
i like warez a lot.
They are illegal! also I don't like it..
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