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Full Version: Tips to write SEO Friendly Blog posts
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We all know that Search Engine is the major source of traffic for most of the websites. So it's good to have your content optimized for search engine requirements.

Follow these tips and your blog post will get more love from Search Engines:

1. Unique and Original Article - Avoid copy paste as it's bad for your website. Apart from getting penalized by SE, you can get into copyright issues as well. Also, Search Engine loves original content.

2. Title Optimization - Put your targeted keywords in title and make it eye catching, so that user will click when it comes in the search result.

3. Article Body - Break your article into paragraphs. It will increase the page size and the article will look lengthy. Also it will help user in reading. Try to put targeted keywords in the first paragraph as SE reads these first after title.

4. Keyword Optimization - Keep a good 2% keyword density and don't make the article written only for keyword.

5. Article Description - Make sure you put article description meta tag in the page. It will not be visible to user but SE uses this to index your page and shows in result page.
at least 500 words to get the SE's interested
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